27 July 2008

Pupilla muscorum in Montreal

During a long walk in Montreal this afternoon, Deniz and I came upon some railroad tracks that didn`t seem to be in use anymore. A few meters from the tracks there was a low wall of large blocks possibly of limestone. They are visible in the picture behind me.

Malacologist checking out the tracks (photo by Deniz).

On one of those blocks, shaded by grasses and other plants, were a bunch of tiny land snails. They had become dormant attached to the rock. Without the help of an instrument of magnification other than my camera, or a key for snails, I am identifying them tentatively as Pupilla muscorum.

Here is one in the palm of my hand.



Anonymous said...

Hi Aydin,

I dunno, I don't think it's P. muscorum, because in my experience (in the UK) usually you can very clearly see the one tooth in the aperture, even at this low magnification. It also looks a bit small for that species, which tends to be 3-4 mm. This looks more like about 2 mm? On the other hand I don't know what to suggest it might be...

Susan H.

Anonymous said...

Me again,
I wanted to add that the shell of P. muscorum is not glossy, and tend to be fairly opaque. This on the other hand appears to be glossy and quite translucent. Could it be a Lauria species?


Anonymous said...

Why is this not a species of Columella? Glad to see you searching the RR tracks (actually the waste places beside them).

Anonymous said...

It's not a Columella because the mouth edge looks to be well-thickened into a whitish rib, whereas in Columella species, the mouth edge is thin and delicate.

If we are lucky and ask nicely, perhaps Aydin will post us some higher magnification pictures of the shells he brought home with him, along with a scale bar, then we will get a better look at this species.

Susan H

Anonymous said...

OK, thanks Aydin, now I saw a nice close-up shot of two shells of this, and I am convinced (after all) that this is indeed Pupilla muscorum!

Susan H.