25 August 2008

I waited patiently for 71582788 minutes

The pictures of the dead Epargyreus clarus I photographed yesterday were still on the camera's CompactFlash memory card when I mistakenly erased them last nite. They were not really important, but I decided to try to recover them anyway. The card, by SanDisk, had come with a file recovery software called RescuePro. I started running it and this message appeared on the screen.


That would be 1193046.5 hours or 49710.2 days or 136.2 years! So I waited.

It took about 71582788 10 min to recover the erased pictures. Later, when I was saving the recovered files, the same message came up again, although it took even less, only a few minutes, to write them to the hard drive.

RescuePro recovered the smaller JPG files, but missed the Olympus RAW files that were also on the card.


O. B. Sirius said...

Good thing you're a patient kinda fella! Glad the restore worked.

Anonymous said...

Its funny, I get the same number of minutes when trying to recover files from my Sandisk card. I am glad you posted this, I was wondering how I would survive to see if my file would be recovered. I pictured myself with cobwebs and a long beard here next to the computer...