24 August 2008

Sunday's butterflies


I photographed this one Friday afternoon in Seneca Creek State Park. I didn't know what it was other than that it was a skipper of some sort, so on Friday nite I posted this picture on BugGuide.net. A few hours later someone suggested that it may be a dun skipper (Euphyes vestris). The last time I thought something I had photographed was a dun skipper I turned out to be wrong. But the head colors of that butterfly and this one are indeed different.

The next one, also photographed in Seneca Creek State Park was easier to identify: Strymon melinus (gray hairstreak). They were featured before in this post.


Last and least, a dead Epargyreus clarus (silver-spotted skipper).


I found this one on the sidewalk near my house. It is a common species around here, but I think this is their first appearance on the blog.

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