07 August 2008

Yogrum: a new Turkish blog

I started writing a new blog on August 1st. The posts on Yogrum are in Turkish.

The idea for a Turkish blog came to me rather suddenly in July. I had had some topics in my mind that I wanted to write about, but I didn't quite know how to fit them into Snail's Tales, because I thought mostly Turkish readers would be interested in them and writing something like that in English wasn't going to be useful or appropriate. So, one day I decided it was time for a Turkish blog. I ran the idea by my sister and nieces, Deniz and Simla. They thought it was a good idea and supported me.

I have never done much writing in Turkish. So I am hoping blogging in Turkish will also help me develop my Turkish writing skills.

For the time being, I intend to post on Yogrum only twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. The majority of the posts will be about the Turkish language, Anatolian toponymy (one of my pet interests), Anatolian history and culture, reviews of Turkish books or books about Turkey and such. Inevitably, there will be some overlap with what I post here and in fact, my 2nd post on Yogrum was a review of Lord Kinross's book Europa Minor that had already been the subject of this post on Snail's Tales.

Incidentally, yogrum is an archaic Turkish word that is not used anymore, at least in Turkey. I found it whilst looking thru the oldest known Turkish dictionary, Divanü Lugati't-Türk by Mahmud of Kashgar, which is dating from the late 11th century. Yogrum denotes the amount of flour or dough that can be kneaded at a time. It thought it was an appropriate name for a blog where each post represents more or less one idea.

This is also an experiment to understand how a new blog builds up readership (or doesn't). Today so far Yogrum has had 10 readers. Woo hoo! At the same time, today's post was the 1st one Google has so far indexed. So now I am hoping the number of hits will slowly pick up.


John said...

It looks like an interesting project. Unfortunately I don't read Turkish, so I won't be reading. But good luck, and I hope you find some readership for it.

George said...

I also know nothing of Turkish, but I just saw this announcement that the excellent "Understanding Evolution" website is now being offered in Turkish as well as English. Thought it might be of interest.