28 September 2008

Flattened fauna of sidewalks - Part 2

We start with a beetle of some sort. It looks like the aftermath of a collision with an automobile. I tried to identify it from pictures in the few insects books I have and also from the pictures on BugGuide.net, but gave up. If anyone can put a name on it, I will appreciate it.


The next victim is a desiccated earthworm that obviously lingered on the sidewalk too long after the sun came out and then it was too late to reach the safety of the wet soil. It is now ant food.


Next we have quite a mess. It looks like a cricket missing its head with body parts all over the place. Was it hit by a car, attacked by a predator, stepped on by a human? We will never know.


Part 1 was here.

To be continued...


Cindy said...

Could it be a chafer beetle? We get these in the early summer, and I'm used to seeing dead ones all over the place (in spider webs, under porch lights, etc.)


Thank you, Cindy. Yes, it probably is a chafer (Cyclocephala).

Dave Coulter said...

After spending a morning birding in brisk winds I appreciate can ANY animal that stays put for me!

x said...

I hope someone from CSI is reading this and sets about bringing the culprits to justice.

Deniz Bevan said...

what if the sidewalk was actually made up of the critters? Check out http://marsha-s.livejournal.com/ and scroll down to the post called Eugenisms!