09 September 2008

Flattened fauna of sidewalks

There is a book out there called Flattened Fauna by Roger Knutson that intends to be a guide to the countless hapless animals—mostly vertebrates, I suppose (I didn't read the book)—killed on roads. Here is my guide to the flattened invertebrates of sidewalks.


This is a slug. The patterns visible on its skin tell me that it is a Limax maximus.


Another slug. This one was being processed into ant food. I am not sure what species it is. A careful microscopic examination of the remains might have identified the genus, but I didn't think the information gained would have been worth the effort.


A grasshopper or a katydid. I think it was a grasshopper.


I have no idea what this was. It too had ants on it, so it must have been another yummy treat.

Part 2 is here.

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Cindy said...

What a timely post! Would you believe just last night I saw a large, beautiful, but squashed, praying mantis on the sidewalk at the park.