24 September 2008

Lepidopterous insects of September

The 1st one was easy to identify. It's a Pandora Sphinx (Eumorpha pandorus). I photographed it about a week ago on the wall of a pedestrian tunnel that goes under the railroad tracks in College Park, Maryland.


The next one is one of the confounded skippers photographed recently in the park near my house. I am guessing that it's a Sachem (Atalopedes campestris). I have submitted the pictures to BugGuide.net and will hopefully get a confirmation or another ID.


Here is a view from above.


Note added 3 hours later: The identification of the skipper a female Sachem has been confirmed on BugGuide.net.

1 comment:

Snail said...

Cool pics.

Hawkmoths are so spectacular!

Skippers, OTOH, all look the same to me, which is a failing on my part.