21 September 2008

An occasion for a clinquant celebration

After a relatively slow Friday, yesterday's visitor counts went thru the ceiling. That was because World Wide Words put a link in their 20 September newsletter to this recent post of mine featuring a sentence of weird words.


New visitors are still coming today. How you doing, folks?

Obviously, what I need to do to attract more readers to this blog is to use weird words more often. I think that's a copacetic idea!


Snail said...

In fact, it's a perfectly cromulent idea.


cromulent, cromulent...it's not in the dictionary. what's it mean?

Eric said...

It's a neologism that means something along the lines of "excellent" I believe it comes from one of the adult prime time animated shows – Family Guy, King of the Hill or The Simpsons. I doubt it will make it into OED for quite some time.