29 October 2008

Cats of Istanbul - Part 1


It would be very unusual if you walked a short distance, say, about 50 m, in an ordinary neighborhood of Istanbul and didn't see any cats. The normal state of affairs in Istanbul, in fact, in any Turkish city, is frequent encounters with cats.

Cats of all sorts.


If you are a cat lover who also likes to photograph cats, a stroll thru a residential Istanbul neighborhood will provide countless opportunities to appreciate the beauty of felines and to practice your skills with the camera.


Most Turkish "stray" cats are actually, and surprisingly, well-fed. It seems that there are enough cat lovers looking after all the felines that are loosely attached to numerous households. Even the occasional tailless or blind-in-one-eye specimens otherwise appear to be in good condition.

This survivor missing its tail and one eye was demanding attention from Deniz.

And here I am behind the camera (picture by Deniz).


More to come.


gillesarbour said...

I see you keep your "Scientist Hat" on. Excellent! Looks are everything.


It was the only hat I had taken with me. I try to travel as light as possible.

uha1 said...

I guess IStanbul is the only city that you find that many pretty cats walking around the streets freely.