23 October 2008

False memory of Salvador Dalí on the Fecr-i Saadet

Photo by Deniz

On Tuesday, our last full day in Istanbul, Deniz and I went to the exhibition Salvador Dalí: A Surrealist in Istanbul at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum in Emirgan, a district of the city along the Bosphorus.

The passenger boat that took us from Arnavutköy up the Bosphorus to Emirgan was curiously named Fecr-i Saadet. In Ottoman Turkish* it means "the dawn of happiness". It was a nice 30-minute boat ride that gave us an opportunity to watch and photograph the forts and the old houses along the water front.

Deniz searching the skies for the approach of happiness.

The exhibition included not only many original works of Dalí , but also letters, photographs and even clips of films that Dalí worked on. We spent about 2 hours there. Unfortunately, because of time constraints, we had to skip most of the introductory text on Dalí's life, but we did learn quite a bit from the captions of the photographs. Overall, it was a good introduction to Dalí's life and art.

An original Dalí ink drawing at the exhibition: False memory of a cloud of smoke resembling a human face perceived during a walk in the country with my father (ca. 1939-1941).

*Actually, 2 Arabic words combined as they would be in Persian.

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