07 October 2008

Graffiti poetry


I came upon this poem, decorated with empty beer cans that may have been left behind by the poets, under a road bridge in Germantown back in July. Here is my transcription of it. I have retained the original spellings but added apostrophes where they were missing.
Sometimes you don't know what to do
But you have to deal with what life throws you
You walk along trying to figure things out
But you will never really know what life is about
You run around feeling so low
Wondering which way to go
People say you're speacial [sic]
But you can't believe it's true
If you were so special someone
would love you
You go through love in life
Then you're stuck with hatered [sic] and strife
You always want to disapear [sic]
Then you remember those who are dear
You're expected to be a saint
A life like that is enough to make you faint
You put up a facaide [sic]
Making you look like a god
Then you go home and cry
and sit and wonder why
You think it all over and
believe it's all you can do
So you say to hell with
life and that's the end of you!


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