26 October 2008

How to search for micro snails


Here I am looking for snails under the rocks on the Ilgaz Mountains near Kastamonu, Turkey. This was about a week ago.

There was a surprising diversity of tiny snails under the rocks dotting the forest floor. One of them was what I have tentatively identified as Euconulus fulvus. The shell of this particular individual was about 2.3 mm in diameter.


All the while, and unbeknown to me, I was being photographed and filmed by the onlookers. Deniz has put up a video clip of me here.

Yes, if you drop one of those micros, it is very difficult to find it again. I gave up and went to another rock.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aydin,
Oh yes, I can really relate to this! On Nevis there are two small beaches that usually have some very good rare and deep water micros, marine micros, (shells only, from beach drift) and they are scattered all over the upper beach platform. You cannot scoop up a sediment sample, as the shells are so few and far between. So I wear knee pads and clamber along the beach on all fours with my nose only a few inches off of the substrate. One of the two beaches is very windy and it is all too easy to find something great, and then have it blow out of your fingers before you get it into the vial.
Best to you,
Susan J. Hewitt