01 October 2008

It's the population growth, stupid — Part 2

Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis.

I am joining that committee!

Part 1


Anonymous said...

Yes, when I saw that yesterday Aydin, I thought of you immediately. Actually I figured you were the founder member of the society!

Susan H

Frank Anderson said...

Once again, I disagree. Dwindling oil supplies are emphatically not caused by the presence of too many people on the planet. That particular problem is caused by certain people (U.S. citizens being the obvious example) who lead lifestyles that consume ridiculous amounts of oil and other fossil fuels. Part of this is due to personal choice (I'm looking at you, SUV owners), but a lot of it is just living in a society that developed on a continent with lots of relatively empty land during a time of cheap fossil fuels.

Yes, dwindling water supplies are, in part, caused by too many people, but really it's too many people in the wrong places (i.e., arid regions, which are continually expanding around the world).

All that having been written, I am all for free and easily available contraception for everyone on Earth. But then again, I'm a socialist, so no one should listen to me! ;-)

Dave Coulter said...

I agree too! :)

icetrout said...

Dang Frank U flat eathers turn up in the strangest places.lol Get a grip on reality Frank there are way too many people on the top side of the planet move a few billion to the underside & everything will be fine.:O