03 October 2008

Mr. Jarboe's store is no more

Back in May in this post, I wrote about the ruin of a building at the entrance to the location of Edwards Ferry along the C&O Canal. That was the general store operated by Eugene E. Jarboe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The National Park Service took down the remaining walls of the store today. I was taken by surprise when I saw the demolition as I happened to be passing by the area on my trike this afternoon.


As I was taking photographs, an NPS employee who was overseeing the operation came over and struck up a conversation with me. He explained that the building had become unstable and dangerous and one of its walls had collapsed on its own during the summer. Therefore, they decided to remove the remaining walls. The foundation walls will, however, be retained and restored.

The same employee also told me that the roof of the building was in place until the early 1970s. If the building had been repaired back then, it would be in a much better condition today. But, I was explained that because this building was a secondary structure associated with the Canal, the primary structures being the Canal itself and the locks, etc., its maintenance had lower priority.


John said...

I guess the budget is an issue in maintaining the secondary structures.

O. B. Sirius said...

I love all those little places along the canal, and I hate to see any of them disappear! But at least the canal has been more or less saved by making it a park.

Bud Cline said...

I am pleased to report that the Park has restored the walls of the Jarboe store and it lives on - at least in this form.

This work was completed in the late Fall of 2009. The Park staff member who did the restoration was very true to the original masonry work and even worked hard to match the color of the mortar when he did his work. It was clear that this was a labor of love for him. The Park is very fortunate to have a craftsman of his skill and dedication working on this type of restoration project.

He commented that the original masonry work was of very high quality.

Bud Cline
Master Ranger Corp
C&O Canal National Historical Park


Thanks for this update, Bud.