08 October 2008

One accepted, one submitted

Almost a year ago I had a post about the mating of the land snail Rumina saharica. The pictures and data that had prompted that post had actually been collected about 7 years earlier. Last winter I finally put everything together and wrote a short paper, which recently got accepted for publication in the Zoology in the Middle East. It will probably come out next year.

I have also had several posts on another land snail Oxyloma retusa (for example, here). In addition, I presented my data at the land snail symposium at the AMS meeting in Carbondale last summer. I was subsequently invited to submit a manuscript for inclusion in the symposium proceedings to be published in the American Malacological Bulletin. That was a good thing, because otherwise I would have postponed publishing the Oxyloma data also for many years. But because the editor gave me sort of a deadline ("early October"), I dropped working on more or less everything else and finished the manuscript yesterday. I e-mailed it this morning. Let's hope it'll please the peer reviewers.

Now I deserve a break. I am leaving for Turkey for a 2-week trip tomorrow. More details tomorrow morning.


John said...

Congratulations on getting the paper accepted!