09 October 2008

Trip to Asia Minor

Map by Pierre du Val, 1664. From European Cartographers and the Ottoman World, 1500–1750: Maps from the Collection of O. J. Sopranos by Ian Manners, 2007.

I am leaving for Turkey this afternoon for 2 weeks. Unlike the previous trips that were mostly for snail collecting, this one is going to be primarily for sight and people seeing. I am meeting up with my nieces Deniz and Simla at the JFK this afternoon and we are flying together to Istanbul later in the afternoon. My sister and her husband are already there. We are getting together with them and some other relatives and going on a week-long trip to north-central Anatolie. I've got the map ready (see above).

Needless to say, I will be collecting and studying snails (and isopods) at every opportunity.

I have scheduled blog posts for every other day while I am gone. So continue to enjoy the blog. I'll return on the 22nd of October with stories and pictures of my larger than life adventures. Regular postings will resume thereafter.

Hoşçakalın for now :)

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Katie said...

Best wishes for your trip!