05 November 2008

Euconulus fulvus

I mentioned in this post that one of the land snails I found during my trip to Turkey was Euconulus fulvus.

This snail was from a mountain near Kastamonu, Turkey. Its shell diameter was ~2.3 mm.

What is especially interesting about the distribution range of Euconulus fulvus is how wide it is: the species is present throughout most of Europe*, presumably across northern Asia† and northern North America. It is what biogeographers call a Holarctic species.


Another land snail with a roughly similar distribution pattern is Zoogenetes harpa, which was the subject of this post. The explanation I offered for how Zoogenetes harpa ended up with its present distribution probably also applies to Euconulus fulvus.

*The distribution map in Kerney & Cameron (A field guide to the land snails of Britain and North-west Europe, 1979) is misleading, because it leaves southern and Eastern Europe, including Turkey, out.
I can't find exact records, however.

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Anonymous said...

Really superb pictures Aydin! I never saw Euconulus fulvus looking so good.
(If snails had money and needed headshots, you could make your living that way I'm sure.)

Susan J. Hewitt