26 November 2008

Its not that hard to use apostrophe's correctly

According to the result's of a recent survey in the UK, nearly half of that countrys adult's were unable to use apostrophes' properly. Lets be more careful with our apostrophe's from now on. Its' really not that hard if youre paying attention to where its supposed to go.

Its about time we showed those Briton's whos better with they're apostrophe's.


Deniz Bevan said...

Ha! Thats' what you think! Have you seen the writing in newspaper's and on the internet lately? Peoples' writing suck's! No one know's where to put the dang apostrophe cos their [sic] not thinknig about what they right [sic] as they go.
Okay, pastiche over.
I'ts a PLURAL people!!!! You don't need an apostrophe on bananas, oranges, or apples. Grrr...
(word verification: sessess :-))

Alun said...

I have to agree with Deniz. People's punctuation these days is a catostrophe.