17 November 2008

It's time to pillage the Royal Society!

A message from the Royal Society Publishing group on Facebook that came on Friday announced that "The complete Royal Society journal archive, dating back to 1665, is FREE to access until 1 February 2009".

Waste no time, grab a sack, or better yet, a flash drive, head over to the Royal Society journals and start downloading.


Mike O'Risal said...

Woah! Thanks for the tip!

Dale Hoyt said...

This doesn't seem to be completely free. The website says access to the archive is free "...as part of one of the Royal Society's journal subscription packages and FREE for all until 1 February 2009". But there must be some more hoops to jump through, because I couldn't get free access when I tried.


The catch is the content less than a year old is not necessarily free. The content >1 yr old but not older than about the mid-1990s was free anyway. Until February the stuff older than that is also free.