14 November 2008

Octopus ring


This silver octopus ring with shiny glass eyes is one of the few things, besides books, that I bought for myself in Turkey last month.

The Ortaköy district of Istanbul has a wide opening where several restaurants facing the Bosphorus are lined up. The narrow streets leading to the waterfront are always crowded with vendors selling mostly jewelry. We went there one day to have lunch and also to look for trinkets. Trying the stuff on is, of course, half of the fun.


One of those street vendors was offering many unusual rings. I was looking for a snail ring, but had to settle for another mollusk.


Watch out for those tentacles.


BG said...
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BG said...

PZ Myers is going to be jealous. (I can't believe I spelled his name wrong the fist time.)

Frank Anderson said...

Silly gastropodiatrist -- octopuses don't have tentacles. Those are arms!

And don't forget to celebrate Cephalopodmas on December 22!

I'm sure you bought one for me too, and it's in the mail....? ;-)

A Concerned Cephalopodiatrist


Andy: If I had known your ring size...