18 December 2008

Go look for slugs when there is dewondensation

On my train ride back home yesterday, I read a short paper on collecting slugs by our colleagues Klee & Scheppat. In the very first paragraph they give a brief explanation of where to look for slugs and include this sentence (italics mine):

In these areas you can be successful in little valleys facing to the north with creeks up to rocky fields (even above the timberline), where the evening dewondenses.
Dewondenses? I seriously thought that may have been a word that hadn’t yet entered my vocabulary. However, a subsequent search in the dictionary failed to come up with anything even remotely similar. A Google search did find dewonden in some Dutch sentences. Taking into account the authors’ nationality, I even checked the German dictionary, but to no avail.

Finally, the obvious truth revealed itself. The original sentence must have been:
...where the evening dew condenses.
I have recently written about snails taking advantage of nighttime dew. Now we know slugs also come out when everything is dewovered.

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