17 December 2008

Holy turtle


God Testudo in front of McKeldin Library at the University of Maryland had received fresh offerings from its humble worshipers earlier today. May it deliver. Amen.

Don’t take anyone seriously who claims to believe in only one god. Deep inside, humans have remained and will forever remain polytheistic. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the (near) future the majority abandoned the current ostensibly monotheistic religions (and their gods, sons, prophets, saints, icons, holy men, demons, angels and the like) and returned to officially polyhteistic religions.

There is a set of pictures of Testudo offerings on flickr.


Bruce Berman said...

Thanks for giving me something to look forward to as we prepare to celibrate the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth!

Megan Paustian said...

Back when I was at Bryn Mawr, students gave offerings to the campus's statue of goddess Athena during finals week. Yes, it seems that college students are universally polytheistic, two weeks a year. (I like the revival of Greek religion, but old-time animism and turtle worship are cool!)

Frank Anderson said...

At the University of Michigan, we had no such bogus gods. We were far too enlightened for such things.

Everything was fine in Ann Arbor, as long as the university president started the university by spinning the cube and you didn't step on the Block M in front of the graduate library before your first bluebook exam.