25 December 2008

I hope Santa brought you all an irony meter!

Jesus & Mo


Kazimir Majorinc said...


I have found small snail in green salad I bought. It must be some Helix something. I tried to keep these, but it turns that they do not live that long in captivity and I guess that he has better chances in nature. Now it is winter, cold, dry but without snow. Is it safe to leave it on one place where I used to see lot of snails, or should I wait for warmer time or rain? Is there anything I could do to increase his chances for survival?

Thank you.


I can't give you a definite answer without knowing what species of snail you have. Snails could live long in captivity if properly taken care of. If you found it on green salad, feed it green salad. If it's a species not native to your area, you certainly don't want to release it outdoors.