11 December 2008

Meanwhile, back in the slug lab

Last Monday I visited Megan's lab at the University of Maryland. It had been more than 2 years since my previous visit. Megan's Ph.D. research is about slugs. So she's got quite a number of them around.


The smaller containers were for the smaller slugs, including these Pallifera sp., which grow to about 2 cm.


There were also several bigger containers for the...


bigger slugs like these Philomycus carolinianus. When fully stretched they can be 7-8 cm long.


Afterwards we went to a local eatery and had burritos for lunch. Our lunch conversation was, of course, about slugs and snails. We have been independently collecting data about some local slug species. So we decided to unite our efforts and have a joint presentation at next year's American Malacological Society meeting. We still have to do some experiments in the spring to try to duplicate in the lab what we've been observing in the wild. It'll be a fun project.


Adrian Thysse, FCD. said...

In the second photo the Pallifera sp. appear to be eating a crepe.

Are they French?;)


No, actually they are "native Americans" & what they are on is a brown paper towel.

Snail said...

I thought they were eating a pappadum!

Gee, you have such interesting slugs in North Anerica. We're stuck with a few odd natives (Triboniophorus, Atopos and Cystopeltidae) but mostly introduced pests.