05 December 2008

A minor tribute to my favorite blogs

Readers may have noticed that I don’t display a blog roll. I used to have one. Then I started disliking some of the blogs I had been reading, while others became inactive. So rather than frequently update the list, I decided to eliminate it all together.

I do follow many blogs. Which ones do I read most often? Not necessarily the ones that update most often, although that does help. Under "Reading trends", the Google Reader gives various statistics to help one determine one's favorite blogs. But what is the best index to use for that purpose? The percentage of each blog's posts I've read over a time period is not a fair indicator because it doesn't take into account a particular blog's productivity (1 post read a month out of 1 post posted a month would be a disproportionate 100%). I've considered using the number of posts read multiplied by the total number of posts, but that would be skewed by the over-productivity of some blogs.

It seems that the simple "number of posts read" is the best index. So here are my top 12 blogs for the last 30 days. The 1st number after a blog's name is the number of posts I read, while the 2nd one is the percentage of posts I read.

Hyphoid Logic 32 44%
Myrmecos Blog 18 47%
The Great Beyond 18 12%
The Panda's Thumb 16 48%
Atheist Revolution 16 48%
The annotated budak 14 42%
Abnormal Interests 11 39%
Short Sharp Science 9 16%
The Girdle of Melian 8 67%
Life & Opinions 7 54%
Catalogue of Organisms 7 39%

There are at least 20 other blogs that I read that ended up below the top 12 on this list.

And here is a disclaimer: this list is subject to change at my whim without prior notice!

Keep on bloggin'.


Duane Smith said...

I knew you had abnormal interests but I didn't know you had so many of them.

myrmecos said...

Moi? Gosh. I suppose I should try to be more interesting, now that I know that someone other than my mother actually reads my blog.