06 December 2008

Smile, you are on prosthetic eye camera

The Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence, who is blind in one eye, is trying to develop a tiny video camera that would fit into a prosthetic eye that he intends to wear. He could then be filming everything, everywhere, all the time.

There may be privacy issues about being filmed without consent if the resulting clips end up in publicly available films, commercial or otherwise. In his defense, Spence brings up the common presence of security cameras, but that isn't quite the same thing since the output of such cameras are not used to make films for distribution.

People are more scared of a center-left documentary maker with an eye [that has a video camera] than the 400 ways they are filmed every day at the school, the subway, the mall.
Would they rather be filmed by a center-right documentary maker? I am not sure what the film maker's ideology has anything to do with it.

Regardless of the legal and other issues, a video camera in one's eye socket would be a cool thing to have. I wouldn't give a good eye—even one that's quite useless without a thick corrective lens in front of it—for a camera, but if I were already blind in one eye like Spence, I would jump into the opportunity to wear a prosthetic eye with a camera. Especially, if it had high-resolution macro capability. Imagine the convenience. Look! A couple of snails mating! Let me get really close to them with my eye*.

*But since you couldn't actually see with your video eye, how would you know if the camera were aimed at the target?

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