30 December 2008

Snail's greetings

Copyright Marla L. Coppolino. Reproduced with permission.

This marvelous drawing by my malacologist-artist (or, artist-malacologist) friend Marla Coppolino came a couple of days ago with her holiday wishes. You may see more of Marla's nature-inspired artwork here and here.

Marla explained her drawing as follows:
This Mesodon zaletus snail gets a special glimpse of a snowy world, without freezing its foot. In cold conditions, land snails crawl under the leaf litter and soil and withdraw tightly inside their shells to hibernate for the winter. Special compounds in the snails’ tissues prevent them from freezing. When the ground warms in the spring, the snails awaken and emerge.
She also noted that "no snails were harmed during the production" of her drawing.

May we all have a happy 2009.

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Cindy said...

Love it! Happy New Year, Aydin.