20 January 2009

Chemists do it with clamps


This picture from 1979 shows one of the old chemistry labs at our alma mater, the Boğaziçi University in Istanbul. The principal subject in the foreground is Teri Varnalı (whose name has appeared on this blog before), while yours truly is in the background behind an old (mid-1960s) Canon view-finder camera. The picture was taken by Ümit Yüksel, whose name has also been on this blog (here).

The contraption I had my camera attached to was a clampod, a makeshift monopod constructed from a laboratory ring stand (with a ring visible at its base) and a couple of clamps.


Apparently, I was attempting to photograph the lab benches cluttered with chemistry paraphernalia.


The label I had stuck on the slide has survived and the first 2 digits of the number indicate the year (i.e., 1979). The slide film I used was ORWO brand, made by a defunct East German manufacturer. We had to mail the exposed films to Germany to get them developed. The films would come back in rolls, which we would then cut into the individual exposures and slip those inside separately purchased plastic frames. The colors have help up suprisingly well.


Deniz Bevan said...

You had to send them to Germany to be developed? Goodness! Did they have courier back then?


No, we used regular mail. It was the same with Kodak slide films. There were no Kodak labs in Turkey & they had to be mailed to Europe. It would be weeks before you knew you had messed up all the exposures.

coturnix said...

ORWO films were good. We used them a lot when I was growing up. But we had labs in Belgrade to develop the films and make slides and package them in their little frames for us.