14 January 2009

Evolutionary freaks or new species?

Marla Coppolino sent this picture of an undescribed species of a snail-like creature with a blue shell next to her pet snails, probably a Neohelix albolabris (the bigger one) and a Mesodon thyroidus. She doesn't yet have a name for the creature, but we have already determined that it's in the family Knittedae, superfamily Craftoidea, class Woolapoda, a sister group of the Gastropoda. Marla indicates that once the new species is described, the specimen in the picture will be a yarnotype.


The next picture was from Richard Greene. It shows even a more bizarre creature: a human with the head of a snail. It's one of the drawings of the French artist J.J. Grandville from his book Les métamorphoses du jour first published in 1829.


Here is a closer look at Grandville's oddity. The bands on the shell and the black lip suggests Grandville had in mind Cepaea nemoralis when he drew his gastropodian servant.


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