12 January 2009

From Halicarnassus to Kyme: some coordinates for Google Earth

Via Abnormal Interests comes a link to a set of Google Earth placemarks for ~1300 Ancient Near East sites compiled by Olof Pedersén at the Uppsala University. The majority of the sites are from the Middle East and southeastern Turkey with a disappointingly few locations from the rest of Turkey.

From my own records, I will offer the coordinates of 10 archaeological sites in western Turkey that I’ve visited during snail surveys and are missing in the said compilation. The coordinates are the latitude followed by the longitude.

Kyme: 38.7594, 26.9358
A city ~19 km northeast of Phokaia. At the given link it says “Kyme (Izmir)”, which is extremely confusing, because it sounds as if those were different names of the same place. In reality, Izmir (Smyrna) is 40 km to the southeast.

Phokaia (present day Foça): 38.6676, 26.7542

Notium: 37.9925, 27.1981
Notium, also known as Notion, was a town located on a flat-topped cliff high above the Aegean Sea ~13.5 km northwest of Ephesus. It is perhaps best known by the naval battle that carries its name.

Claros: 38.0050, 27.1930
A temple site only a little more than a kilometer north of Notium. This post has a picture I took at the site.

Ephesus (theater): 37.9410, 27.3422

Euromos: 37.3741, 27.6754
This was another temple site south of Lake Bafa. Unfortunately, the Google Earth picture is of low resolution. The picture below is of the main ruins at the site of Euromos that I photographed in August 2000.


Iasos: 37.2792, 27.5840
A city in Caria.

Myndus Peninsula: 37.0567, 27.2295
This is a small peninsula at the westernmost end of the Bodrum Peninsula. The city of Myndus was located on it.

Halicarnassus (present day Bodrum): 37.0401, 27.4216 (theater); 37.0379, 27.4242 (mausoleum, or rather where it used to be).

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