18 January 2009

Istanbul street paintings and graffiti

We start off with a wall painting in the veranda of a building. Note the cat on the left.


The next picture is a real graffiti. This was on a wall along a long yokuş from the Arnavutköy district by the Bosphorus to the hills behind. Note that it's in English.


The next picture is a trafo painting the purpose of which is to beautify the front of that oversized electrical box, which is a trafo (short for transformer). Trafos are quite common throughout the city and each seems to have a different painting of some old Istanbul scene.


Note the skull and bones sign on the left. No, that was not a pirate boat in the painting. The regular readers may recognize the sign as another one of those ölüm tehlikesi, or "risk of death" warnings that have appeared on this blog before (here and here).


In this case the risk taker was, however, Deniz.


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