31 January 2009

Tentacle #17 is out

Issue No. 17 of Tentacle, the annual newsletter of the IUCN/Species Survival Commission, Mollusc Specialist Group, edited by Rob Cowie of the University of Hawaii, is now available here, where all the previous issues can also be accessed.

This is the 3rd Tentacle issue in which I have an essay that was based on a post that first appeared on this blog. My piece titled "Will assisted colonization be a viable option to save terrestrial gastropods threatened by climate change?" is on p. 14. It is a much revised version of this post.

I decided to turn that post into an essay for the Tentacle when in early November of last year I received an e-mail from a reader who was inquiring if I would object to having my blog post cited in a manuscript in preparation.

The value of blogging in providing an outlet to test the edibility of half-baked ideas has become very clear to me now.

Posts about the previous issues of the Tentacle in which I had pieces inspired by earlier blog posts are here and here.

There are many other good articles in Tentacle #17. Download a copy now.

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