06 January 2009

What readers think of this blog

The below are a few extracts from several score of similar e-mails, showing the esteem in which this blog is held. Additional comments at this link (p. 81). We don’t seem to get any praise from female readers, though.

“Cannot afford to miss a single post.”
John Walton, Rochester, N.Y.

“Much interested.”
E. J. Smith, Natick, MA

“Solid and valuable.”
Chas. T. Simpson, Ogalalla, NE

“Very valuable.”
Henry Vendryes, Kingston, Jamaica

“Worth the money.”
J. W. Velie, M. D., Chicago, IL
[Huh? What money?]

“It will prove of much benefit to conchologists.”
George W. Michael, Jr., Morro, CA

“Quite efficacious.”
Wm. A. Marsh, Aledo, IL

“An admirable blog.”
J. Matthew Jones, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“A perpetual surprise.”
George W. Puterbaugh, Greenfield, IN

Wm. Sutton, San Francisco, CA

“We have needed such a blog.”
J. A. Singley, Giddings, TX

“Wants an enlargement.”
H. A. Pilsbry, Davenport, IA
[Right. No, No! Doesn’t want an enlargement. It’s already enlarged enough.]


swamp4me said...

I am a loyal follower and think you do a fine job...and I am female.

m.e. said...

i've praised YOUR posts often on my blog, and i'm female. i'm not a phd in anything, but i was a member of Beta Beta Beta (wonder if that's still around?) in college....

also, i've noticed many of your commenters are female.

c'mon...pay attention!!


Females? Where?!!!

Wanderin' Weeta said...

Hey! I've commented, I've linked to you on my blog, I've imitated some of your methods, I read every single post.

And I'm female.

Kevin Zelnio said...

Holy conch! Pilsbry was from my hometown?? We don't have any ocean in Iowa. I certainly doubt a Davenport Academy of Sciences still exists...

Anonymous said...

Do you have email addresses for Pilsbry and Simpson? They haven't been answering my messages recently.


Anonymous said...

To Whom it May Concern:

I would wish to bring it to the attention of the esteemed Mr Orstan, that us female persons of the would-be scientific persuasion, regret that our appearance in the annals of science shall be delayed, (possibly circa 50 or 100 years) until such time that it is recognized that our more diminutive stature and smaller cranial capacity, as well as our maternal instincts, do not in fact diminish our capacity for refined intellectual speculation.

Your humble servant,

Susan J. Hewitt, New York

Snail said...

Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your (solid and valuable) newsletter.