14 February 2009

An almost perfect Valentine’s Day card for a malacologist


A Valentine’s Day card from a long-time admirer of yours truly displays on it, quite fittingly, a snail. Though the snail may appear to be as happy as a snail can be—provided that they have such feelings—a close inspection reveals that it has a backward shell. The opening of it is supposed to be above the snail's head.

But it’s the thought that counts.

I wish everyone a slimy Valentine’s Day!


xoggoth said...

Is this admirer a snail Mr O? He/she (what is the polite term of reference for a hermaphrodite?) seems quite talented if so.


Yes, how would you address a hermaphrodite? But, I don't need to worry about that, because my admirer happens to be a female.

Megan Paustian said...

At least the happy snail has eyes on its tentacles, where they should be! (Not below the tentacles, as per illustrations of the University of California at Santa Cruz mascot, the fighting banana slug.)

Nancy said...

What a delightful blog. We found it by encouraging my nine year old to look up "pneumostome" online after he read it in the Funny Pages/Prime Baby in the NYTimes Magazine. Being a retired Biologist, of course I found your blog interesting - your perspectives and sense of humor delightful. We will now look forward to the next thaw in Wisconsin so we can observe a pneumostome live.

Anonymous said...


You have an admirer? How disappointing for a curmudgeon like you! See you at MAM in a few weeks.