16 February 2009

Down among the spices of the Spice Bazaar

One of the 2 most famous covered bazaars in Istanbul is the Spice Bazaar or Mısır Çarşısı (Egyptian Bazaar) as it is know in Turkish*. Last October we spent some time there sampling the goodies and buying a few small bags of spices.


As its name implies, the place specializes in spices, but other related foods as well as the usual touristy junk are readily available. Here is a cute shopkeeper presenting her wares.


There were all sorts of teas. Here we have from left to right, orange tea, apple tea, kiwi tea, lemon tea and cherry tea. The brightness and the hues of the colors suggest they were all artificial.


They seemed to specialize in gelatinous sweetmeats with lots of nuts in them.


And, of course, there was something to cure almost every ailment or to improve one's performance in any imaginable activity. Who needs Viagra when there is Turkish Viagra?


No, I didn't need to buy any of that. I am talking about 6 times in the night without any enhancers.

*The other one is Kapalı Çarşı, the Covered Bazaar.


Nuthatch said...

Rich, baklava-type foods tend to make me do something 5 times a night. But, I'm a woman.

Anonymous said...

if the night is arctic (9 months long)I could do even better than 6 times :):):)