13 February 2009

February tick


Obviously slugs were not the only critters that were woken up from their winter slumber by the unusually warm weather during the first half of this week. I found this deer tick (Ixodes scapularis) crawling up my pants' leg late Wednesday afternoon in the woods. It was moving up my leg surprisingly fast for a tick. Perhaps it had a way of sensing that to get a head start in the game of reproduction it needed to latch on to a warm mammal quickly before the freezing temperatures returned.

Luckily I saw it before it could locate a passageway thru my pants to my tender skin. I left it on a nearby log. Maybe a deer passed by that spot during the night.

1 comment:

m.e. said...

ticks can move VERY fast when they smell dinner. i remember sitting on the bleachers at a horse arena one spring, and watching ticks practically galloping up the bleachers in my direction.