15 February 2009

I do have an axe


Certain anonymous comments* posted by one or more readers after this recent post has prompted me to list these reminders to my dear readers.

1. Despite the Santayana quote in the sidebar, yes, I have an axe that gets dull occasionally and needs grinding. This is not your run-of-the-mill newspaper or magazine where the editors do their best not to offend their readers' cherished beliefs and even bend over backwards to reinforce them. That's because they are afraid of losing their sources of income. Here is a piece of news for you, in case you haven't noticed: newspapers don't exist to bring you the news; they exist to bring you the advertisements.

But I don't have such concerns. As already stated in this post, one purpose of this blog is to inject my opinions into your minds. If you don't like a particular post, ignore it or leave a proper comment. If you don't like this blog, don't read it.

2. This is my blog. That means I can insult you, but you can't insult me. All insulting comments have been and will be deleted (that's when the ax comes in handy). If you want to insult me, do it on your blog. I wouldn't read it and I couldn't care less.

3. If you have something important to say in your comment, put your name under it. What are you afraid of?

4. Make sure your comments are relevant to the original context of the post you are commenting on. Totally irrelevant and nonsensical comments with links to commercial sites are also deleted as well as the comments with links to creationist (=intelligent design) sites.

5. If you get insulted whenever I or someone else criticizes or ridicules your cherished beliefs, I seriously think you have insecurities and uncertainties about what you believe is true. Maybe it's time you considered switching over to our side. Let's remember what John Lennon said: You may say that I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us.

Thank you for reading this blog.

*Including one comment I had to delete.


Melissa said...

Religion: the only superstitions that get tax breaks. I really need to establish the Church of the Seven Years' Bad Luck After That Mirror I Broke so that I can whine on blogs when people oppress me by disagreeing.

Coyote said...

"newspapers don't exist to bring you the news; they exist to bring you the advertisements"

This is true. A journalist friend of mine once worked on the editorial staff of a newspaper, and when planning the page layouts they were told to place all the advertising first, then edit the news to fit in the space not taken up by the ads. The advertising always had priority over and above the news coverage.

JT said...

Thank you for grinding your axe. It does not offend me, even if I occasionally disagree with you on some aspect of snail morphology ;)

Frank Anderson said...

Again, clearly you don't understand religion. That plane crash is all part of God's plan, which you can't possibly understand. This is how God gets credit for the good in the world and no blame for the bad.

Therefore, in response to your churlish attitude toward other people's...uh, alternative and totally-equally-valid-despite-no-evidence viewpoints, and to test your no-insult policy, I must now deploy an insult:

Your mother is a hamster and your father smells of elderberries!

This is a test. This is only a test. And I fart in your general direction.


Well, Andy, you are lucky this time. My mother is a hamster & my father could indeed be smelling of elderberries (he's been dead for quite some time & I don't know what elderberries smell like).

But don't push your luck.

xoggoth said...

Carry on teasing them Mr O.

My own atheism (I may be using the term slightly incorrectly) is not based on the existence or otherwise of god, which one cannot prove either way, but on the much more self evident facts that there is no personal salvation. If there is a god but he is not interested in us one way another, it is in academic whether we believe in him or not.

How can there be a soul independent of the body when a blow on the head or a chemical imbalance can change our entire personality? Where is the true free will when our natures are so clearly shaped by our genes and our experiences?

I can well understand why a life scientist like yourself has no religious belief. Men, like snails, are so clearly just a part of nature with the same built in mechanisms. Recent studies have theorised that even belief in religion itself is merely another natural defence mechanism.