08 February 2009

Lights, camera, slooow action!

Here is my 1st attempt at creating a movie by taking sets of sequential pictures and then combining them in Windows Movie Maker. It shows a Tridopsis coming out of its shell. It is one of those species that has been on this blog before several times (for example, here and here) and still not been identified.


Now allow me to be my own critic. The 2 main problems were: (1) the lights were not bright enough; (2) I didn't get close enough to the snail. Afterwards in Photoshop, I had to increase the brightness of all the shots and also crop them, which ended up taking quite a bit of time. The other problem is that because the camera was hand-held and because I was changing its position with respect to the snail between sets of sequential shots, the resulting film is choppy. I think cropping also contributed to choppiness. Nevertheless considering that I wasn't using a video camera, it's not too bad, is it? The best part I like is where the snail flips its shell over at the end.

All the pictures were taken with an Olympus E-500 in the sequential mode with the picture quality set at SQ to decrease the size of the individual pictures. The total number of pictures combined was 109.

The next one will be better.


Anonymous said...

I like it.

If you have to make batch edits to a bunch of still photos, you might try GraphiCconverter - it is a great program, easy to use, and has a free full feature demo.

Bruce Berman

matthewlaw said...

I like it too. It's an incredible movement to watch. Thanks for sharing

Also, I quite enjoyed making the snail dance by playing with the slider control after I watched the video. Simple things...

Vasha said...

The movie may be choppy, but the subject is fascinating, and elegant. I love the way mollusks stretch their bodies.

Snail said...

It's great!

Anonymous said...

I like it too!

Susan J. Hewitt

Coyote said...

Your Tridopsis is going to need a SAG card pretty soon.