18 February 2009

Stuck between Arthurine and Bauer

Here is a rather useless piece of information: according to whitepages.com my name, Aydin*, is the #18,217 ranked 1st name in the U.S.


But I am the one and only "Aydin Orstan" in the U.S. and probably also in the entire world.

The same source also informs us that according to their records, in the U.S. there are only 30 people named Eckel (I once met one of them), 104 people named Jebediah, 247 people named Aydin, 478 people named Remus and 880 people named Jethro (remember Jethro Tull?).

*The correct Turkish spelling is with an undotted "i", or Aydın.


Xtreme English said...

always interesting here...

Funder said...

Oh, that was pretty neat! My full name is ranked # 986,690. There are at least 36 other people with my name in the US. (It didn't list me, so it's not inclusive.)