27 February 2009

Vultures disturbed

A couple of weeks ago while exploring the woods near my house, I interrupted the dinner of a group of vultures. It was unintentional; if I had known they were there before they knew I was there, I would have sneaked in to get some bloody good shots of them. Then again, I probably had no chance. My feeble human senses are no match for theirs.

When I first heard the peculiar sounds their wings make, I thought there was a squirrel on the tree I was examining for slugs (what else?). You can tell how clueless I was. Then I noticed some of them flying to the high branches of nearby trees.


I walked towards the spot where I thought the vultures had congregated to find out what they had been eating. Initially, I couldn't see anything unusual, but after my nose picked up an unpleasant scent, I looked around more carefully and spotted this recently died young deer.


I hid behind a small tree not too far from the deer. I had the camera ready, hoping the the vultures would return to their feast, but they actually flew further away. They obviously knew all about the stupid human tricks I had up my sleeve.

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