25 March 2009

The baby is sooo cute!

In the last installment of this series about my captive slugs Megapallifera mutabilis, I mentioned that I had found eggs in the slugarium.

Last weekend I found an itsy bitsy teenie weenie alug crawling around the small glass petri dish that was housing the eggs. I quickly got a small piece of tree bark covered with algae, which seems to be their primary food, and transferred the slug on it.


The baby slug was about 6 mm long. Note the numerous tiny red spots, in addition to the larger black ones, scattered throughout its mantle.


At that time, most of the remaining eggs had almost fully developed slugs in them that were recognizable by their dark spots visible thru the egg cases.


Last night I noticed that several more had hatched. I am hoping to raise as many of them as possible and eventually release them to the wild.


Cindy said...

Aww, that's about as cute a baby slug as I've ever seen. In fact, you could probably get it posted on Cute Overload, where they will describe it with words like "stubbular" and "blorpitude".

They have posted snails (and there's more) before, but I'm not sure about slugs.

beetlesinthebush said...

Cool. I love rearing stuff out - you see things you never would otherwise.

xoggoth said...

sooo cute? itsy bitsy teenie weenie alug?

You are falling to my level here Mr O, you will feeding waspies with Jam and giving them all names beginning with W next.

Your photos are fantastic, have you done any articles that summarise what equipment you use for the smaller creatures? Have looked at some USB microscopes but they do not seem of great quality.

vanessa cardui said...

Ok I'm getting me some of them slug eggs. Also, I'd really like to see a freshly hatched snail; do they have shells when they hatch?


xoggoth: I take my closeup pictures with an Olympus E-500 and a 35 mm Zuiko lens. For these shots I also used a 25-mm extension tube.

vanessa: The snails hatch with their shells already on their backs. The shells starts to form quite early during their development inside the egg.

Snail said...

That certainly is a little cutie!

Crissa said...

Why are you hoping to release them? Where's their normal range? What's special about them? The wiki page has nearly nothing, same for just about anything on the web...

Where I live, grey slugs are invasive... But that's about all I know about them. We mostly have http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banana_slug (Californicus) although I grew up with mostly (Columbianus) - the latter are edible and rather delicate. Really hard to filet without destroying the nutritional value, though. o-o

Okay, enough scary talk from the rainforest kid.

Amanda St. Clair said...

When I was a kid I would feed slugs pieces of semi-moist cat food. I've always liked slugs. Glad to know I'm not alone!