08 March 2009

Bootleg transactions of the 11th MAM meeting

The 11th meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Malacologists took place yesterday at the Delaware Museum of Natural History (DMNH) in Wilmington, Delaware. Among the 35 attendees there was one malacologist from Russia and another one from India, making this the first "international" MAM meeting. Also, the 17 talks that were given may have been the highest number ever presented. Moreover, Tim Pearce has brought to my attention something he and Charlie Sturm had noticed: no slides of cladograms were shown during this meeting!

Here are the speakers in the order they spoke, and the not-more-than-two sentence summaries of their talks.

  • Robert Robertson (Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia): Sexual dimorphism in the marine gastropod Tricolia variabilis complex.

  • Marla Coppolino (Ithaca, New York): Potential uses of fecal analyses to understand land snails' diets.

  • Katie Vazquez (Montclair State University, New Jersey): Possible influences of environmental conditions on the spread of the Asian clam Corbicula fluminea in New Jersey.

  • Charlie Sturm (Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh): How he and Tim Pearce located one of the few existing copies of a publication on the snails of Yucatan, Mexico by Juan Jose Parodiz (1911-2007) that was published in the Pittsburgh Shell Club Bulletin in 1979.

  • Aydin Örstan (Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh): The behavioral adaptations of the slug Megapallifera mutabilis that restore and maintain its water balance. (This is a project I am working on with Megan Paustian.)

  • Yuri Kantor (Russia*): How the lumun-lumun net is used in the Phillippines to collect marine mollusks in conjunction with a large international biodiversity survey.

  • Gary Rosenberg (Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia): An introduction to the Phillippine Molluscan Symbiont International Cooperative Biodiversity Group and its activities.

  • Ilya Temkin (National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C.): A database he created using the software Personal Brain to link collectors, museum collections and publications.

  • Susan Hewitt (American Museum of Natural History, New York): Limpets of the island of Nevis in the West Indies.

  • Susan
    "The limpet that got away was huge."

  • Paul Callomon (Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia): How he and a team of volunteers transported the large collection of the late Japanese malacologist Hideo Katori from Japan to the Academy of Natural Sciences.

  • Adam Baldinger (Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University): The recent and ongoing renovations in the Department of Malacology at the Museum of Comparative Zoology.

  • Paula Mikkelsen (Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca): Her recent expedition to Australia to collect bivalves for the BivAToL project.

  • Tim Pearce (Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh): Preliminary analyses of museum records suggest that the land snail Anguispira alternata may be disappearing in Pennsylvania.

  • Jerry Harasewych (National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C.): An overview of the Internet database for the speciose land snail genus Cerion.

  • Shiladri Shekhar Das (India*): Diversity of the fossil gastropods of the Kutch Sea during the Bathonian.

  • Megan Paustian (University of Maryland): Competition (or the lack thereof) between the native and non-native slugs Philomycus carolinianus and Arion subfuscus, respectively.

  • Liz Shea (DMNH): Two sets of morphologically different cephalopods in the genus Brachioteuthis from North Atlantic appear to be males and females of one species.

  • Once again, I will take this opportunity to thank to Liz Shea, the curator of mollusks at the DMNH and Leslie Skibinski, the collection manager, for organizing this wonderful meeting and also for providing access to the collections. I am already looking forward to next year's meeting.

    Meeting attendees outside the Delaware Museum of Natural History. I am represented by my green bag on the left.

    Bootleg transactions of the 10th MAM meeting

    *I apologize to those whose affiliations I neglected to note.

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