24 March 2009

A curious cardinal

A female cardinal* was flying around the trees in the backyard late Sunday afternoon. I managed to get several pictures of it. I was at least about 10 m away from it at all times and so couldn't quite see its facial expressions. But later, when I was looking at the pictures on the monitor, I was fascinated by the inquisitive look she had on her face in most instances. Was she looking at me and the camera or monitoring my cat’s movements who was also out there at that time?


At one point, she was joined briefly by a male. I suspect they have a nest in the vicinity.


*A northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis), to be exact, although as far as I can tell there is no bird called the southern cardinal.


Anonymous said...

I hope your cat is properly (and loudly)"belled."
Personally, I don't think it is good for cats to be allowed to go outside - too many opportunities for skullduggery and it can be dangerous for them, too.

Coyote said...

Perhaps the cardinal is inquisitive about her reflection in your windows, which she might think is an interloper on her turf.


No, the cat doesn't have a bell. She caught a few shrews in the past, but no birds so far.

The cardinal wasn't near a window & wasn't looking in their direction.

Anna said...

Wow and wow these are very nice photos of the cardinal. Anna :)