21 March 2009

Multifarious gallimaufry of odds and ends


This cicada I photographed last summer has finally been identified on BugGuide.net as Tibicen tibicen or T. chloromera or T. davisi. Take your pick.

Our regular reader Xoggoth writes on p. 27 of his blog bloggoth: "What we really need is a giant condom that everyone can wear over their heads from birth that will protect us from the infection of religion and all the world's other isms."

Explain that to the dickhead in Vatican, if you can.

Cartoon by Peter Brookes/The Times.

Heini Hediger (1908-1992) was a Swiss zoologist who was, in the 1950s, the director of the Zoological Gardens of Zurich. In his 1955 book The psychology and behaviour of captive animals in zoos and circuses (Dover, 1968), he wrote (italics mine):
Apart from sleep, animals have a special kind of rest, a sort of semi-resting, called dozing. This state of rest is also found among primitive races, but in civilized man, as a rule, there are only hints of it in that intermediate stage between waking and sleeping.
I often doze off in the train on the way home in the evenings, sometimes dream, while, at the same time, listening to the conductor's announcements and manage to wake up right before my station. I may be civilized in certain respects, but I suppose I am not qualified to belong to Hediger's Aryan race. Oh, well.

Finally, I wouldn't mind putting my lips on a Skinny Blonde, although I would much prefer a stout redhead with lotsa carbs! You know what I mean?


JT said...

That is a pretty cicada, whatever we call it. Have you ever wondered if it is "safe" to post a photo of your fingerprint?


I am not sure if there really is a safety issue about posting pictures of fingerprints. Can an artificial fingerprint realistic enough to fool an expert be created using a photograph of one?

If one needed fingerprints of other people for whatever purpose, one could easily lift them from countless public surfaces touched by millions of people.

xoggoth said...

Oooh a comment on mine. Ta. I always thought my stuff (and most of my comments here) were far too puerile for a serious snaily chap like yourself to read.

xoggoth said...

Skinny is ok but I tend to prefer enormously bottomed blondes myself.


Puerile comments are welcome! I often leave them on other blogs.