23 April 2009

The biggest fan of Snail's Tales


One day while we were in Florida earlier this month, my son and I got locked out of the in-laws' house where we were staying. To pass the time, we started driving on nearby back roads. If you are not familiar with an area, this isn't as wasteful an activity as it sounds, because you don't know where the roads will lead to and what you may end up discovering.

One road we were on ended at this junk yard "For Lease".



Anonymous said...

boy, I'd hate to see 'the shit' hit that one

xoggoth said...

If you wander round, esp in poorer areas, there are some interesting sights.

When I was contracting in Bristol there was a house nearby with old washing machines stacked up against the front wall covering the entire front and reaching above the bottom of the first floor windows.

In Cheltenham I was taken aback on my evening run to see a skeleton staring at me from a window. Turned out to be a chiropracter's life size model.