14 April 2009

Can you spare $2.70 please?

My work week, after an 11-day break, had a rocky start this morning. While in the commuter train, I realized the card I needed to ride the subway (Metro) during the 2nd leg of my commute was in my wallet, which I had forgotten at home. I had no cash on me either. When I got off the train I was too far to walk either back home or to work. I don’t even know which way I would have to go to get to work from the station, because I’ve never done it.

My only immediate hope was a coworker who once or twice a week rides the same train. So I stood at the entrance to the subway hoping he or someone else from the office would show up and save me. It was raining too. But I was lucky. My coworker appeared only a couple of minutes later. I stepped in front of him boldly, blocking his way and at the same time startling him: “Good morning. I need a favor!” He kindly lend me $3 to cover the $2.70 fare.

Later in the office, I borrowed the $2.40 for the return trip from my always helpful friend Jannavi. She is even going to bring me some homemade curry powder tomorrow. I just have to make sure I’ll show up with my wallet to pay off my debts.

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Edward Baker said...

I've done something very similar before. However not having any colleagues commuting the way I do I had to go back. Not so good.