30 April 2009

A dictionary in my pocket


I started using Sharp's Electronic Dictionary about a month ago. Although it would easily fit into a pocket of my cargo pants, I carry it in my backpack actually. It is extremely useful when I am reading on the train and there is a word I don't know the meaning of. Before I had this thing, I would mark the page and look up the word later when I had access to the Internet or one of those massive tomes called dictionaries that one would never consider carrying on one's self. Now, I flip this thing open, turn it on, start typing the first few letters of the word and it starts listing all the possible words to pick from the New Oxford English Dictionary. It also gives the etymology of each word and has a thesaurus as well as a calculator. Cool.


JT said...

I thought I knew what yogurt meant until my family and I visited a very cool Anatolian Festival at our county fairgrounds earlier this month. They had a fountain-like drink booth set up with choices of lemonade, iced tea, and I think it was ayran. My daughter went for the authentic. She innocently offered me a sip and YOW I nearly choked it was so unexpectedly salty. Anyway, we learned a bit about Turkey and had a lot of fun. I had no idea there were so many Turkish speakers in my little corner of the world (southern CA).


Ayran (yogurt mixed with water) doesn't have to be salty, of course.