17 April 2009

Final report of the 2006 Potomac Gorge BioBlitz

In this post from a long time ago, I briefly chronicled the activities, during the Potomac Gorge BioBlitz, of the land snail survey team, of which I was a proud member. The final species counts and brief reports of the findings of each survey team have been published in No. 32 of Banisteria, the journal of the Virginia Natural History Society. Although the date of the issue is given as 2008 on the cover, apparently it has just been published.

According to the announcing e-mail, "for a limited time" the No. 32 of Banisteria is available to download in 5 parts from this address.

On p. 2 of part 1, there is a group photo of the participants. Yours truly, wearing a yellow T-shirt, is all the way on the right standing next to Butch Norden in the green T-shirt, while Tim Pearce is sitting in front of me and Megan Paustian is sitting immediately behind and to the right of me. We were the core of the land snail survey team.

The report reports that we found 35 species of land snails (part 3). Actually, there was one more, Novosuccinea cf. ovalis. Unfortunately, it got left out of the final list inadvertently. Let my picture of that snail in my original post (link above) be the record of its presence along the Potomac River.

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genghisprawn said...

I was there too, with the crayfish and scorpionfly teams. I'm fourth in from the front right corner of the left half, behind the person in tie-dye.