21 April 2009

An intertidal pseudoscorpion


This pseudoscorpion lives along the Gulf coast of Florida under piles of seaweed stranded at the high tide line. Its habitat gets covered by the tide twice a day and, obviously, the pseudoscorpion survives immersion in sea water for a few hours everyday.

The associated fauna include the snails Assiminea succinea, 2 species of Truncatella, small ellobiids and also small isopods, amphipods and a few other tiny arthropods.


If you can identify it, please post its name in a comment.


Jason R said...

Can you give us a sense of scale for this thing? How big/small was it?

Also, this is awesome. So going to look for these guys when I head to the beach later this week.


The body of the specimen in alcohol, excluding the pedipalps, is about 2 mm long.

Anonymous said...

Dinocheirus tumidus