01 April 2009

Multifarious gallimaufry of odds and ends - 2

Over at Updates from the Vertebrate Paleontology Lab, there is an account, with pictures, of the unbelievable Pseudoserpente canuckistanensis, a legless mammal. What will evolution create next?

During last Sunday's local elections, Turkey's ruling Islamist party AKP received only 40% of the votes; in other words, 60% of the population doesn't support them. In comparison, 4 opposition parties with the highest percentages of votes had among themselves the backing of almost 53% of the population. If there was one decent opposition party, instead of a gazillion of them, it could easily kick AKP's ass.

In other news from last weekend, the tiny island of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean voted to become "a French department". Not only do they have to start eating more French fries now, but they also have to chose between polygamy and French kisses.

The previous multifarious gallimaufry of odds and ends was here.


Frank Anderson said...

the unbelievable Pseudoserpente canuckistanensis...

Yes, "unbelievable" is a completely appropriate adjective here!

I do hope to visit Canuckistan someday to see the wooly snake (and the very rare tree octopus, which I think lives there as well), though it sounds a bit marshy.

Happy belated April Fools Day!


Ah, the uncomparable tree octopus, Octopus arboreus...I have to write about it next year!